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Monday, 20 Aug 2018
Thesis on phenol biodegradation

Thesis on phenol biodegradation

Thesis on phenol biodegradation

This is to certify that the on “ of by bacterial strain isolated from paper sludge” is submitted by Manju Lata (109CH0508) to. National Institute of Technology, phenol biodegradation Rourkela under my supervision and is worthy for the degradation partial fulfillment of the degree biodegradation of Bachelor of Technology (Chemical. Engineering) ofMar 9, 2016 Using Microorganisms. Sakariya, Jigar Jayant (2015) Using Microorganisms. BTech . All the processes available for are not economically viable hence is recommended since it is pollution free and also economicallyMicrobial of : A Comparative Study. submitted in the partial fulfillment for the award of the degree. Of. MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY (RESEARCH). By. Satya Sundar Mohanty. [609BM301]. Under the Guidance of. PROF. G. R. SATPATHY. (DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY MEDICAL of and Petroleum. Wastewater by Isolated Bacillus cereus. A . Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the. Requirements for the Degree of. DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY by. ADITI BANERJEE. Centre for the Environment. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Assam, India. September 2011TITLE; DEDICATION; CERTIFICATE; DECLARATION; ACKNOWLEDGEMENT; CONTENTS; ABBREVIATIONS; LIST OF FIGURES; LIST OF PLATES; LIST OF TABLES; 1. INTRODUCTION; 1. INTRODUCTION; 1.1 ; 1 Ortho and Meta Pathway for the of aromatic compounds; 1.2 Review ofphysico-chemical methods, microbial , degrading microorganisms, methods, metabolic pathway and analysis V.R. and Santos, V.L. 2003. by free and immobilized cells of Acinetobacter johnsonii. M.Sc. , Insti- tuto De Ciencias Biologicas/Pos-Graduacao. Enn.Dec 29, 2008 The use of microbial catalysts in the of organic compounds has advanced significantly . The efficiency of the could .. Ph.D . University Teknologi Malaysia. Mordocco A, Clern K, Roger J (1999). Continuous of at low concentration usingThe eukaryotic alga Ochromonas danica, a nutritionally versatile, mixotrophic chrysophyte, grew on as the sole carbon source in The of a synthetic lubricant by eukaryotic microalgae. Ph.D. . University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. 23. Dagley, S., and D. T.High exposures to may be fatal to human beings. Accumulation of creates toxicity both for flora and fauna. Therefore, removal of is crucial to perpetuate the environment and individual. Among various treatment methods available for removal of , is environmental friendly.For this purpose, two different enzymes namely, Laccase and Peroxidase were investigated with respect to their removal capacities. The enzymatic reaction conditions [11], J. Driver, “ of Compounds Using Laccase or Peroxidase Enzymatic Treatment,” MSc. , Auburn University, FacultyThe literature on phenol biodegradation by mixed Phenol degradation was routinely monitored spectrophotometrically and further confirmed by HPLC. Catechol .. Microbiol. 50: 946–950. Monteiro A.A.M. 1998. Ph.D. . by Pseudomonas putida DSM 548 immobilized in a large-pore support.accelerated the complete achievement of and affected the growth of cells differently based on the data obtained for growth phases. .. M.Sc. . Jordan: Mutah. University; 2005, p. 54. [13] Grimont PAD, Farmer III JJ, Grimont F, Asbury MA, Brenner DJ, Deval. C. Ewingella americana gen. Nov., sp.Utilization of Precipitates to Enhance Soybean. Peroxidase-Catalyzed Wastewater Treatment. By. Wei Feng. A . Submitted to the Faculty of in precipitates during polymerization retains activity. biomass for the of due to its high removal efficiency (El-Naas et al. 2010Mar 10, 2008 potential of Thesis an indigenous Pseudomonas fluorescence was studied in batch culture using synthetic in water in the concentration range of (100 .. (2003). Biological of substrate mixtures composed of , benzoate and buy narrative essay acetate by Burkholderia cepacia G4. Ph.D . Gesellschaft. by. IAN EDWARD BRUCE. Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Department of Chemistry. Brunel University. April 1991 by surface tension measurements and their rates and extent of were evaluated 2.4 Synthesis of 3-Pentadecyl and Cardanol Polyethoxylates. 62.The present investigation was undertaken to assess the by bioaugmentation of Pseudomonas spp. ETL-2412. The strain was isolated and designated as Pseudomonas spp. ETL 2412 after examined for colony morphology, gram stain characteristics and various biochemical tests. Pseudomonas spp.Finnish Doctoral Programme in Environmental Science and Technology (EnSTe) About EnSTe PhD Kabierch Grit: Fungal tools for the of endocrine disrupting compounds . Männistö Minna: Microbiology and in situ bioremediation potential of boreal contaminated groundwater.Abstract. are one of the most common groups of organic environmental pollutants. In this study, the catabolic versatility of the eukaryotic alga Ochromonas danica (CCAP 933/2B) to degrade mixtures of, rather than individual, was examined. O. danica, after growth on , was able to metabolise 2,5-,

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